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kitchen and mini bar at night

The Kitchen and Mini Bar's Epic St. Patrick's Day Outdoor Bash - New Happy Hour at District

As the vibrant hues of spring begin to awaken the world around us, there's one day that truly stands out in a sea of celebrations: St. Patrick's Day. And this year, The Kitchen & Mini

the guys

$3 million food, drink and entertainment concept a hit in Naples

Two decades of "successes, failures, bumps, bruises" guides entrepreneurs' strategy with multi-venue food and beverage venture. As president of JCS Realty Group, Christopher Shucart understands the commercial real estate market in Naples. So he could

the alley inside

Unveiling The Alley: Naples' Newest Urban-Style Street Alley Bar

Embracing the Urban Vibe The Alley aims to capture the essence of a New York City alley but with an amplified artistic flair. Christopher describes it as the "in-between" space connecting the other two outlets,

The Kitchen and The Mini Bar outside

Naples Unveiled: A Culinary and Cultural Wonderland of New Concept

Naples, a city known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, has recently become a hub for innovative and exciting culinary concepts. We embarked on a journey to explore the burgeoning food scene,

Trailblazing Trio Transforms Naples Hospitality Scene

Naples, Florida, is witnessing a transformative moment in its hospitality sector, thanks to the visionary efforts of three seasoned professionals – Christopher Shucart, Marty Kenney, and Christopher Lee. These dynamic entrepreneurs have combined their distinct

5 Best New SWFL Restaurants for Friends and Date Night

Down in Naples, the post-work crowd in the up-and-coming Naples Design District congregates at the buzzy District Naples (and its accompanying speakeasy, Staff Only). The gastropub is cloaked in inky hues and neon accents, reflecting the city’s trend toward

Interior of District

The District Brings Speakeasy Splendor to Naples

Stepping through District’s fuchsia flower-framed door is like entering an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. “We wanted this to be a destination—a choose-your-own-adventure,” co-owner Marty Kenney says of the first components of the five-part concept that began