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About Us

What do you get when you combine a visionary entrepreneur, an established craft cocktail king and a highly-seasoned restaurateur?  Three men and a handful of amazing new restaurants in Naples, Florida. 

CMC Hospitality is an emerging Naples-based restaurant group founded by entrepreneurs, Christopher Shucart, Marty Kenney and Christopher Lee. Their portfolio includes District, Staff Only, The Kitchen & Mini Bar, and The Alley located at Central Square (formerly Victoria Square) off Central Avenue in the heart of the Naples Design District. The team’s commitment to innovation and providing unique experiences drives the success of their ventures.

The dynamic Naples-based entrepreneurs behind CMC Hospitality, are redefining the hospitality scene in downtown Naples with the opening of their new innovative, multi-concept destination, Central Square (formerly Victoria Square). The new concept features four distinct venues that include District, an edgy craft cocktail lounge; Staff Only, an exclusive roaring 20’s speakeasy bar; The Kitchen & Mini Bar, a fun outdoor restaurant and bar island oasis; and The Alley, an urban bar serving late-night bites and cocktails until at least 1:00am. District and Staff Only opened their doors last summer, The Kitchen & Mini Bar debuted in December and The Alley will be unveiled on January 25th. Located off Central Avenue between Central Avenue and First Avenue South, and 12th Street South and Goodlette Frank Rd., Central Square promises to captivate the senses and elevate the dining and entertainment experience in the heart of the Naples Design District.